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Cohen," he cried, "what a pleasure this is! I congratulate you!" Mr. Cohen withdrew his hand from Abe's cordial grasp. "You congradulate me, hey?" he said, with slow and ironic emphasis. "Mawruss Perlmutter also congradulates me what?" He fixed the unhappy Morris with a terrible glare. "Don't congradulate me," he went on. "Congradulate Ike Feinsilver and Beckie Cohen."

We agreed that if it was a boy we'd call him Abraham P. Perlmutter already." He slapped Abe on the back and laughed uproariously, while Abe looked guilty and blushed a deep crimson. "Abraham Potash Perlmutter," Morris reiterated. "That's one fine name, Sol." It was now Sol's turn to take Morris' hand and he squeezed it hard. "I congradulate you for the boy and for the name both," he said.

He turned away; but as his eye rested on B. Gurin, who still lingered over the presents, he was obliged to admit that he had chosen a fitting candidate, and he even felt mollified toward his delinquent customer as he reflected on Gurin's lost opportunity. "Gurin," he said, "ain't you going to congradulate the Kahlo?" "I didn't know she was here at all," Gurin said sadly.

"You shouldn't congradulate yourself too quick, Abe," Morris replied. "Ambition he's got it plenty, but he ain't got the nerve. We really ought to give the feller a raise, Abe. I mean it. Every time I go near him at all he gives me a look, and the first thing you know, Abe, he would be leaving us."