Steadbolt dropped his hold of the roan leader's bridle and fell back screaming imprecations. At a touch, the buggy-horses bounded forward. 'Sit tight, Biddy, said her husband. 'Up you get, Cudgee, he shouted.

She was tired of the ceaseless twaddle of Tinkletown, its flow of "missions," "sociables," "buggy-horses," "George Rawlin's new dress-suit," "harvesting," and "politics" for even the children talked politics. Nor did the assiduous attentions of the village young men possess the power to shorten the days for her and they certainly lengthened the nights.

That was the idea. We had plenty of time to think it over and settle it all, bit by bit, beforehand. So one morning we started early and took the job in hand. Every little thing was looked through and talked over a week before. Father got Mr. White's buggy-horses ready and took Warrigal with him to a place where a man met him with a light four-wheeled Yankee trap and harness.

Natural enough, Magomery'll buck; but the ration-paddick's as bare as a stockyard; an' I can't ast the bullocks to die o' starvation. "Certainly not, Priestley. Mind, it's only four hours till daylight. Good night." "Good night, ole man." My way led me past a small, isolated stable, used exclusively for the boss's buggy-horses.