America, it may be, is doing very well upon the whole, notwithstanding these antics of the parties and their leaders, these half-brain'd nominees, the many ignorant ballots, and many elected failures and blatherers. It is the dillettants, and all who shirk their duty, who are not doing well. As for you, I advise you to enter more strongly yet into politics. I advise every young man to do so.

Some of that parade might have gladdened the eyes of the Belfast citizens; a few of those orations might have assisted the men of Derry to comprehend that, for the good of our common land, Home Rule and the unity of a nation was necessary if only to rid the country of these blatherers.

To him enter the essences of the real things and past and present events of the enormous diversity of temperature and agriculture and mines the tribes of red aborigines the weather-beaten vessels entering new ports or making landings on rocky coasts the first settlements north or south the rapid stature and muscle the haughty defiance of '76, and the war and peace and formation of the constitution ... the Union always surrounded by blatherers and always calm and impregnable the perpetual coming of immigrants the wharf-hem'd cities and superior marine the unsurveyed interior the loghouses and clearings and wild animals and hunters and trappers ... the free commerce the fisheries and whaling and gold-digging the endless gestation of new states the convening of Congress every December, the members duly coming up from all climates and the uttermost parts ... the noble character of the young mechanics and of all free American workmen and workwomen ... the general ardor and friendliness and enterprise the perfect equality of the female with the male ... the large amativeness the fluid movement of the population the factories and mercantile life and laborsaving machinery the Yankee swap the New York firemen and the target excursion the Southern plantation life the character of the northeast and of the northwest and southwest slavery and the tremulous spreading of hands to protect it, and the stern opposition to it which shall never cease till it ceases or the speaking of tongues and the moving of lips cease.