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The wine-vendor, moreover, told his customers that Madame d'Argeles never went out before half-past two or three o'clock, and then always in a carriage a piece of information which must have troubled Chupin; for, as soon as the landlord had left them to serve some other customers, he leant forward and said to M. Fortunat: "Did you hear that?

At that moment, after a night passed in meditating upon his mother's prophetic warnings, Chupin was again beset by the same scruples which had so greatly disturbed him on the previous evening. However, they soon vanished when he heard the wine-vendor, in reply to M. Fortunat's skilful questions, begin to relate all he knew concerning Madame Lia d'Argeles, and the scandalous doings at her house.

"Ernest Defarge, wine-vendor." "Good." "Alexandre Manette, physician." "President," cried the doctor, pale and trembling, "I indignantly protest to you." "Citizen Manette, be silent! Call Citizen Defarge." Rapidly Defarge told his story. He had been among the leaders in the taking of the Bastille.

The portrait sketched by the wine-vendor fully corresponded with the description given by the hotelkeeper in the Rue de Helder. Accordingly, M. Fortunat drained his glass, and threw fifty centimes on the counter. Then, crossing the street, he boldly rang at the door of Madame d'Argeles's house.

The President asked, was the Accused openly denounced or secretly? "Openly, President." "By whom?" "Three voices. Ernest Defarge, wine-vendor of St. Antoine." "Good." "Therese Defarge, his wife." "Good." "Alexandre Manette, physician." A great uproar took place in the court, and in the midst of it, Doctor Manette was seen, pale and trembling, standing where he had been seated.