"Please behave yourself, Tommy. You must do something. It is all I can do to take care of myself. Now, please, help me by helping yourself and we shall be on dry land in a few moments." Grace made several awkward attempts to swim, then gave it up. "I can't do it, Harriet. What ith the uthe of trying to thwim any more?" "Don't you understand? We were on a sand bar.

"Not what I call a smart young man," was the opinion of Augustus Longcord, who was something in the City. "Thpeaking for mythelf," commented his partner Isidore, "hav'n'th any uthe for the thmart young man. Too many of him, ath it ith." "Must be pretty smart if he's one too many for you," laughed his partner.

But the riding-master eye had observed the bottle of the nine oils in her bosom, and he now interposed with 'Leave the bottle, my dear; ith large to carry; it will be of no uthe to you now. Give it to me! 'No, no! she said, in another burst of tears. 'Oh, no! Pray let me keep it for father till he comes back! He will want it when he comes back.

Mithith Farquhar ith very fond of Mithith Barton, and ith quite dithtrethed that she should athothiate with thuch a woman, tho she attacked him on the thubject purpothly. But I tell her it'th of no uthe, with a pig-headed fellow like him. Barton'th well-meaning enough, but tho contheited. I've left off giving him my advithe. Mr.

He was blessed, too, with a pleasant belief in his acceptance with the fair sex, but had a real one with his comrades, who knew his absurdities and his virtues, and laughed at and loved him. 'But hang it, there 'th no uthe in doing things by halves. Melpomene's the most jealous of the Muses.

You know they say that 'Chautauqua' means 'the bag tied in the middle'." "Did the Indianth uthe it?" Dicky asked as he laid his trophy in Roger's hand. "I rather think they did," returned Roger excitedly. "It looks to me as if this was a hammer or a hatchet.