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From this consideration, we preferred to take the coast road southward, which, though it passes through a comparatively tame-looking country, is thickly strewn with places replete with stirring and romantic incidents of Scottish history. Nor had we any cause to regret our choice. Fifteen miles south of Aberdeen we came in sight of Dunnottar Castle, lying about two miles from the highway.

Don't you remember the fine view of Lake Ontario, that was so much admired at the Exhibition, this spring?" "Certainly. Is that the young man? He looks like a genius." "Rather as a genius should look; your great lions are often very tame-looking animals," observed Mr. Stryker. "Hubbard's face only does him justice, however; he is full of talent," said Harry.

Alvan Hervey turned twice to the left, once to the right, walked along two sides of a square, in the middle of which groups of tame-looking trees stood in respectable captivity behind iron railings, and rang at his door. A parlour-maid opened. A fad of his wife's, this, to have only women servants. That girl, while she took his hat and overcoat, said something which made him look at his watch.

There never was no cannibals on the coast o' Maine. All the Indians o' these regions are tame-looking folks." "Sakes alive, yes!" exclaimed Mrs. Fosdick. "Ought to see them painted savages I've seen when I was young out in the South Sea Islands! That was the time for folks to travel, 'way back in the old whalin' days!"