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Indeed, the young prince of immeasurable soul rushed towards the car of Sharadvata's son and poured upon that Brahmana, in that battle, innumerable shafts of great keenness. Meanwhile Suketu, O king, piercing the son of Gautama with nine arrows, once more pierced him with seventy and again with three.

Then the prince, O sire, cut off Kripa's bow with arrow fixed thereon, and with another shaft struck hard the latter's driver in a vital limb. The grandson of Gautama then, filled with rage, took up a new and very strong bow and struck Suketu with thirty arrows in all his vital limbs.

That head thereupon fell down on the Earth like a piece of meat from the claws of a hawk, and then his trunk also fell down, O thou of great glory. Upon the fall of Suketu, O monarch, his troops became frightened, and avoiding Kripa, fled away on all sides. "'Encompassing the mighty Dhrishtadyumna, Kritavarma cheerfully addressed him saying, "Wait, Wait!"

The Pancala prince, however, whirling his sword repeatedly, cut off all those arrows, decked with gold, that had been sped at him by Kripa from all sides. At this feat of his, the troops made a loud uproar. Then Suketu, the son of Citraketu, O king, quickly proceeded towards the mighty Shikhandi plunged into such distress and assailed in that manner by Kripa with his arrows.

That lord of Earth, viz., Suketu, the son of Shishupala, having slain many foes, hath at last been slain by Drona in battle. Virata's son Sankha, as also Uttara of great strength, having accomplished the most difficult feats, have repaired to Yama's abode.

A messenger from Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, arrives, who has followed them from Mithila, and comes to demand Sita as a wife for his master. They are further disturbed by Taraka, a female fiend, the daughter of Suketu, wife of Sunda and mother of Maricha. Rama, by command of Viswamitra slays her.