And pretty soon, right when I was a reveryin' right there, when we wuz a floatin' clown the still waters, their voices riz up in one of their inspired songs. They sung about their "Hard Trials," and how the "Sweet Chariot swung low," and how they had "Been Redeemed."

It is a conundrum as boundless as truth and God's justice, and as solemnly deep in its sure consequences of evil as eternity, and as sure to come as that is. Agin I says, "Where is that Ring a drawin' the United States? Where is it a drawin' Dorlesky?" "Oh! Dorlesky!" says he, a comin' up out of his deep reveryin', but polite, a politer demeanerd, gentlemanly appeariner man I don't want to see.

Oh! what feelin's I felt as I stood there a reveryin', my body still, but my mind proudly soarin'! To think, he wuz our Washington, and that time couldn't kill him. For he shall walk through the long centuries to come.

But, while I wus a reveryin' this, my Josiah spoke out agin', and says, "Influence the world through your child, Cicely! influence him, and let him influence the world. Let him make the world better and purer by your influencein' it through him." "Why not use that influence now, myself? I have it here right in my heart, all that I could hope to teach to my boy, at the best.