Earl Piercy's Lamentation over his Enemy is generous, beautiful, and passionate; I must only caution the Reader not to let the Simplicity of the Stile, which one may well pardon in so old a Poet, prejudice him against the Greatness of the Thought. Then leaving Life, Earl Piercy took The dead Man by the Hand, And said, Earl Douglas, for thy Life Would I had lost my Land.

This reason is so solid and convincing, that it leaves no room to doubt of the veracity of Piercy's evidence; and consequently acquits the king of this terrible plot of bringing up the army, which made such a noise at the time, and was a pretence for so many violences. Clarendon, vol. i. p. 266.

* History of the Gunpowder Treason. State Trials, vol. i. p. 190, 198, 210. All this passed in the spring and summer of the year 1604; when the conspirators also hired a house in Piercy's name, adjoining to that in which the parliament was to assemble. Towards the end of that year, they began their operations.

Now God be with him, said our King, Sith 'twill no better be, I trust I have within my Realm Five hundred as good as he. Yet shall not Scot nor Scotland say But I will Vengeance take, And be revenged on them all For brave Lord Piercy's Sake. This Vow full well the King performed After on Humble-down, In one Day fifty Knights were slain, With Lords of great Renown.

This care belonged to the earl of Suffolk, lord chamberlain, who purposely delayed the search till the day before the meeting of parliament. He remarked those great piles of wood and fagots which lay in the vault under the upper house; and he cast his eye upon Fawkes, who stood in a dark corner, and passed himself for Piercy's servant.