The door was gone, and the scorched and charred lumber that littered the place had a look of absolute ghostliness perhaps chiefly the effect of my imagination in the knowledge of the ghastly tragedy that the place had witnessed. Well in from the doorway was a great scatter of light ashes plainly the pea-straw that the coachman had spoken of.

But there was a bundle or two of old pea-straw there, shied in last summer, they say, being over bundles from the last load, and there left." "And when was Mr. Bowmore seen next?" "He came strolling back, sir, and told the young lady he'd left her father outside, or something of that sort, I think; said nothing of the quarrel, I believe.

Why, our rough draught horses would refuse such coarse food." The prince's only answer was to fetch a bundle of pea-straw, which he put into Zlato-Nrivak's marble trough: then, passing his hand gently over his neck and mane, he said to him, "Grieve no more, my horse with the golden mane." The beautiful creature recognised his master's voice, and neighing with joy, greedily devoured the pea-straw.

She burned, twice in the year, the green rubbish of the garden; on such occasions she took me with her to the asylum, and I lay upon the great heaps of green leaves and pea-straw. I had many flowers to play with, and which was a circumstance upon which I set great importanceu I had here better food to eat than I could expect at home.

Some little time after he heard the grooms lamenting that the Horse with the Golden Mane would eat no food. "What a pity it is," said they, "that this splendid steed should starve to death; he droops his head and will take nothing." "Give him," said the disguised prince, "some pea-straw; I bet you anything he will eat that." "But do you really think so?

Beneath it he had nothing except an equally ragged guernsey, and the wind was keen. The woman surrendered the child carelessly, and drawing her shawl closer, sat frowning moodily in the stern. Mini's father wrapped him in the wretched garment, carefully laid the infant on the pea-straw at his feet, and rowed wearily away.