And I didn't think he had it in him. Rather a queer kind o' chap, good deal of hayseed about him. Showed up at the inquest so glum and orkerd that if the boys hadn't made up their minds this yer Frisbee ORTER BEEN killed it might have gone hard with him." "Mr.

"You wasn't innercent dat time, Quashy." "I di'n't say I was, Sooz'n, but I cou'n't help it. Well, Massa Lawrence, who's too much of a man to remain orkerd long, goes up to Miss Manuela wid a leetle smile, an' holds out his hand. She shakes it quite gently-like, zif dey was on'y noo acquaintances jest interdooced. Ob course I di'n't hear rightly all dey said "

"They told me in the house I should find him hereabouts," she went on; "but I've run all over the place and I can't catch sight of him, and I do want him most pertickler." "He isn't here, I know," said Iris. "He's gone over to Dinham in the donkey-cart to fetch parcels from the station." "Oh, dear!" said the young woman, wiping her hot face with her apron, "how orkerd things always do happen!

No, arter de fust look o' suprise, Massa Lawrence looked orkerd, an' Miss Manuela looked orkerder!" "It had bin in my mind," continued Quashy, "arter I had bring 'em togidder, to turn about, an' enter into conbersation wid my hoss what's pritty well used to my talk by dis time but when I see how t'ings went, I forgot to turn about, so ob course I heard an' saw'd."