"I solemnly and meritoriously, and soberly swear, that a single tumbler of whiskey punch shall not cross my lips during the twenty-four hours of the day, barring twelve, the locality of which is as followeth: "Imprimis Two tumblers at home, 2 Secundo Two more ditto at my son Dan's, 2 Tertio Two more ditto behind my own garden, 2 Quarto One ditto at the Reverend Father Mulcahy's, 1 Quinto Two more ditto at Frank M'Carroll s, of Kilclay, 2 Sexto One ditto wid ould Bartle Gorman, of Cargah, 1 Septimo Two more ditto wid honest Roger M'Gaugy, of Nurchasey, 2 ==== 12 N.B. Except in case any Docthor of Physic might think it right and medical to ordher me more for my health; or in case I could get Father Mulcahy to take the oath off of me for a start, at a wedding, or a christening, or at any other meeting of friends where there's drink.

How many's that?" "Nine!!!" "Very good. Now put down one wid ould' Bartle Gorman, of Cargah; an' two over wid honest Roger M'Gaugy, of Nurchasey. How-many have you now?" "Twelve in all!!!! But, Misther Connelly there's a demonstration badly wanted here. I must confis I was always bright, but at present I'm as dark as Nox. I'd thank you for a taste of explanation." "Asy, man alive!