You must'nt look at what's under your eye; you must see a lot at once, and keep a general grasp of what's on ahead, besides spotting each track you pass. Otherwise, you'll be always turning back for a fresh race at it. And you must no more confine yourself to actual tracks than you would expect to find each letter correctly formed. You must just lift the general meaning as you go.

"Is that possible?" said Barnum. "Yes sir, indeed it is," responded the General, "but you must'nt mention it. We've agreed to tell no one, so don't say a word. I'm going to ask her Mother's consent Tuesday." Barnum swore secrecy, and the General went off radiant with happiness.

The weaver shrugged his shoulders and said "Do as you like but a man that won't work must'nt expect any supper. At four o'clock there'll be bread and cider, if you've done your sawing otherwise nothing more till the soup at night." Bread and cider, thought Hürlin, and was confronted with a very serious problem.

"The English do certainly show to rather the better advantage," interposed Lecorbeau; but the old sergeant hastened to answer, in a tone of sober grief: "You must'nt judge la belle France by the men she has been sending out to Canada and Acadie these late years, my Pierre. These are the creatures of Bigot, the notorious. It is he and they that are dragging our honor in the dust!"