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The commodities and wares that are most desired in Guinie, betwixt Sierra Liona and the furthest place of the Mine. Manils of brasse, and some of loade. Basons of diuers sorts, but the most lattin. Pots of course tinne, of a quart and more. Some wedges of yron. Margarites, and certaine other sleight beads. Some blew Corall. Some horse tailes. Linnen cloth principally. Basons of Flanders.

Their desire in this place was most of all to haue Manillios and Margarites: as for the rest of our things, they did litle esteeme them. Afterwards we bought all their teeth, which were in number 14. and of those 14. there were 10. small: afterwards they departed, making vs signes that the next day we should come to their Townes.

And if any margarites, called unions, began to grow old and lose somewhat of their natural whiteness and lustre, those with their art they did renew by tendering them to eat to some pretty cocks, as they use to give casting unto hawks. How the Thelemites were governed, and of their manner of living.

"Now tell me freely, what wouldst liefer do?" "An' they lack any 'prentices in that City, I would fain be bound yonder. Save that, methinks, over there, I would be ever and alway a-gazing from the lattice." "Wherefore?" "And yet I wis not," added Maude, thinking aloud. "Where the streets be gold, and the gates margarites, what shall the gowns be?" "But there be no 'prentices yonder."

Their beads, rings, bracelets, collars, carcanets, and neck-chains were all of precious stones, such as carbuncles, rubies, baleus, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, turquoises, garnets, agates, beryls, and excellent margarites. Their head-dressing also varied with the season of the year, according to which they decked themselves.

Commodities most in request in Guinea, between Sierra Leone and the farthest extremity of the Mine or Gold Coast . MANILS of brass, and some of lead. Basins of various sorts, but chiefly of latten. Pots holding a quart or more, of coarse tin. Some wedges of iron. Margarites, and other low priced beads. Some blue coral. Some horse nails. Linen cloth, principally. Basins of Flanders.

The people likewise dress much in the same manner, or almost naked, but they were gentler in their manners and better looking. They chiefly coveted manillios and margarites, and cared very little for the rest of our wares.