They sometimes grow a few onions, cabbages and generally pumpkins: a few pink roses and geraniums may be seen. Potatoes are their staple food, and are grown in walled-in patches about three miles off. Each house has one or two huts, in one of which they stow away their potatoes, and also a lamb-house.

This afternoon Graham and Mr. Keytel have been looking at a small disused house near here which Henry Green uses as a lamb-house, and which Mr. Keytel thinks will do for him if Henry will let him have it. Till a house is ready for him he will, I hope, remain with us. The schooner, which has been out a week, has not yet been seen. Wednesday, April 1. She has been sighted this afternoon.

The people had nearly all run out of sewing-cotton, so the supply just sent by friends has come in most usefully. I have been able to give two reels to each family and to keep some in reserve. This time we divided the material ourselves, because we wished it to go to those who needed it most. The men are working at Henry Green's lamb-house to turn it into a residence for Mr. Keytel.

They succeeded, however, in rescuing one of Lucy Green's; the poor thing looked so wet and miserable standing under the wall of Lavarello's lamb-house. The cattle question is a very serious one and ought to be dealt with. Repetto has been here this afternoon, and Graham has been talking it over with him. The fact is, there are far more cattle than there is pasture for.

Bob was the first to leave, but soon came back and called Glass, saying something about a fire. We went out and saw such a blaze close at hand. Lavarello's lamb-house, which is a long, low, thatched hut, was on fire. A strong south-west wind was blowing, and sparks were flying in countless numbers. A few fell round this house, but the house in real danger was John Glass's, which is next to ours.