These were Janci's words. "What are you talking about, shepherd? Is it another one of your visions?" exclaimed the young fellow who stood there before him. Janci rubbed his hands over his eyes and seemed to come down to earth with a start. "Oh, is that you, Ferenz? What do you want of me?" The boy gave his message again, and Janci nodded good-humouredly and followed him out of the house.

There was no one to hear him, for his faithful Margit was snoring loudly. Snatches of sentences and broken words came from Janci's lips: "The hand the big hand I see it at his throat the face the yellow face it laughs " Next morning the children on their way to school crept past the rectory with wide eyes and open mouths.

"No, I have not Janci's gift. It would be a great comfort to me and a help to the others perhaps if I had. I can only see things after they have happened." "But you can see more than others the others did not see the traces of the top?" "My business is to see more than others see," said Muller. "But you have not told me yet what the top was doing there.

He almost discovered me once, but Janci's a dreamer, he sees things nobody else sees and he doesn't see things that everybody else does see. I couldn't help laughing at his sleepy face. But I didn't laugh when I came back to the asylum. Gyuri was waiting for me at the door. When he saw that I hadn't brought the candlesticks he beat me and tortured me worse than he'd ever done before."