So much of a horseback-ride to the Columbia as brought us into Oregon I here propose to sketch in brief. The rest of our party had become sated with travel and gone home.

Sometimes Hale would get her a saddle, and then June would usurp Miss Anne's place on a horseback-ride up through the gap to see the first blooms of the purple rhododendron on Bee Rock, or up to Morris's farm on Powell's mountain, from which, with a glass, they could see the Lonesome Pine.

We had now got in sight of mountains; the ethereal blue of Lassen's Buttes, rimmed with the opal of perpetual snow, bounded our view northerly; and as every motive for taking to the saddle now consisted with our desire for economizing time, we here began our horseback-ride, reaching Red Bluffs several hours before the steamer.

I don't believe you and I look at a horseback-ride alike. I think perhaps you regard it as quite an event." He pondered that deliberately. "You're right," he said. "And ... about paying for the horse. I'm afraid your allowance isn't liberal enough to cover such things. I must increase it next month. Have you been paying out of your own pocket?" "Yes yes, of course. It amounts to very little."

"Well, a man might do worse. I venture to say the fair Edith never took a horseback-ride after dark in her life." "Certainly not; is she not a pattern?" said Bessie sharply. "And, by the way, Hugh, of course you will give me my ride to-night." "Oh, Bessie, Bessie, you are incorrigible! Well, if I must, I must! The musicale is to-night, you know." "I had forgotten it; but we can go afterwards."

Said Johnson to Boswell, referring to the horseback-ride home after the wedding-ceremony: "Sir, she had read the old romances, and had got into her head the fantastical notion that a woman of spirit should use her lover like a dog.