His intimacy with a Nanticoke Squaw. She gives him a Cap. Her Husband's jealousy. Cruelty to his Wife. Hiokatoo's Mandate. Allen supports her. Her Husband is received into favor. Allen labors. Purchases Goods. Stops the Indian War. His troubles with the Indians. Marries a Squaw. Is taken and carried to Quebec. Acquitted. Goes to Philadelphia. Returns to Genesee with a Store of Goods, &c.

Their mothers were sisters, and it was through the influence of Farmer's Brother, that I became Hiokatoo's wife. In early life, Hiokatoo showed signs of thirst for blood, by attending only to the art of war, in the use of the tomahawk and scalping knife; and in practising cruelties upon every thing that chanced to fall into his hands, which was susceptible of pain.

A child may safely play in the forest now from the upper castle and Torloch to the Minnisink." "Has Amochol gone?" "To make strong magic for his dead Cats, little brother. The Siwanois hatchets are still sticking in the heads of Hiokatoo's Senecas. Let their eight Sachems try to pull them out." "So you have managed to wound a Seneca or two?"

Aggravating Circumstances. Night is sentenced to be Burnt. Is Painted by Hiokatoo. Is conducted off, &c. His fortunate Escape. Hiokatoo in the French War takes Col. Canton. His Sentence. Is bound on a wild Colt that runs loose three days. Returns Alive. Is made to run the Gauntlet. Gets knocked down, &c. Is Redeemed and sent Home. Hiokatoo's Enmity to the Cherokees, &c.

It was here that the Sagamore made his kill just beyond the first house, in some alders; and he came back with a Seneca scalp at his girdle, as did the Grey-Feather also. "Hiokatoo's warriors," remarked the Oneida briefly, wringing out his scalp and tying it to his belt. I looked up at the hills in sickened silence.