Si vero fuerit in aestate vitellus avi semper superponatur. Quum autem saniem fecerit, cum panno sicco, unguento fusco et caeteris bonam carnem generantibus, adhibeatur cura, ut in caeteris vulneribus. Quum vero extremitatem venae superioris partis putruisse cognoveris, fila praedicta dissolvas, et a loco illo removeas: et deinde procedas ut dictum est superius.

Now in Romany, firla, or fila, stands for "face," and has the same meaning it is exactly the os of the Latins. The combination of firlamui was instantly understood by a genuine gipsy, and I believe it to be true to the spirit of the gipsy language. I have surely said enough to give the readers of Carmen a favourable idea of my Romany studies.

Did he remember the old days at Skreia? He looks at me, taking stock of me, with something of reserve; it is quite a while before I can draw him out to remember it at all. Yes, he remembers Skreia well enough. "And Anders Fila and 'Spiralen' and Petra?" "Which one?" "Petra the one that was your girl." "Ay, I remember her. I got tied up with her at last." Grindhusen falls to chopping wood again.

Cum vero extremitatem vene superioris et inferioris putruisse cognoveris, fila dissolvantur et a loco removeantur, et deinde ut dictum est procedatur. "De incisione nervi secundum longum aut secundum obliquum. "Si vero secundum longum aut obliquum vervi incidantur, et non ex toto, ita consolidamus.