I did not reach Fankia till seven o'clock; having to walk slow, in order to coax on three sick soldiers who had fallen behind, and were for lying down under every tree they passed. Fankia is a small village, four miles North West from Binlingalla. Here we departed from my former route, and did not touch on it again till we reached the Niger.

The ass which bore the telescope and several other articles of consequence was missing; but was brought on the following day by one of the natives who had caught it. Park now began to be "very uneasy about their situation;" half of the party were on the sick list, among whom were Messrs. Anderson and Scott, and he himself was by no means well. They rested for one day at Fankia.

Mansafara Attacked by wolves Enter the Tenda Wilderness Ruins and Plain of Doofroo Attacked by a swarm of bees Astronomical Observations Arrival at Sibikillin Shea trees Badoo; presents made to the King Tambacunda Ba Deema River Tabba Gee Mambari Julifunda; unfriendly conduct of its Chief; and presents sent to him and the King Visit from the latter Reach Eercella Baniserile Celebrate His Majesty's birthday Mode of fluxing iron Madina Falema river Satadoo Sickness and death of the Carpenter Arrival at Shrondo; commencement of the rainy season; and alarming sickness amongst the soldiers Gold mines; process for procuring the gold Dindikoo; gold pits Cultivation Arrival at Fankia.

June 14th. I halted at Fankia, in order to give the sick a little rest, knowing there was a steep hill to ascend near this place. Found myself very sick, having been feverish all night. " Observed mer. alt. Sun, 159 39 0 79 49 0-1/2 0 16 0 80 5 30 Z.D. 9 55 30 D. 23 17 0 Latitude 13 22 30 Bought corn for the asses, and plenty of fowls for the sick. June 15th.

Left Fankia: men still very sickly, and some of them slightly delirious. About a mile N.E. of this village is the passage in the Tambaura mountains, called Toombinjeena. The ascent is very steep and rocky: the perpendicular of the steepest place would not much exceed three hundred feet.