He'd have made a good 'un in our line, but it would have been too limited for him; his genius would have busted all bonds, and coming over every obstacle, broke down all before it, till it erected itself into a monneyment of Well, I'll think of the rest, and say it when conwenient.

"And then the six Poor Travellers," said I, "will be entirely out of the house?" "Entirely out of the house," assented the presence, comfortably smoothing her hands. "Which is considered much better for all parties, and much more conwenient."

'Oh! Is this the missis? inquired Scaley. 'It is Madame Mantalini, said Kate. 'Then, said Mr Scaley, producing a small document from his pocket and unfolding it very slowly, 'this is a writ of execution, and if it's not conwenient to settle we'll go over the house at wunst, please, and take the inwentory.

He hung up his receiver and went out, finding Bucephalus still at work on the wagon. "Did yo' catch him, sah?" asked the man. "Werry conwenient little instrament, dat tullyphome, ain't it? Werry myster'ous, too. Just think o' hearin' a man talkin' a mile or two away, an' yo' unnerstan' him as plain like he was right cluss up."

Some time later, with still considerable time before supper, Jack happened to be passing the rear of the house where Bucephalus was at work on a wagon. "Dey was a tullyphome message fo' yo', sah," said the man. "Yo' was to call up two-fo'-six as soon as conwenient." "Where is the booth, Bucephalus?" asked Jack. "Raght in bahn, sah. Dere am a switch fo' mah conwenience.