And truly that wuz our condition before we fairly begun to go through the countries. Beautiful works of art marvellous exhibits to the right of us, to the left of us, and before us and behind us forty-five acres on 'em. What wuz two small pair of eyes and four ears to set up aginst this colossial and imeasureable show!

The colossial golden figure of Minerva, holdin' in her outstretched right hand a statute of victory, four cubits high. So big and glorious-lookin' Minerva wuz that her glitterin' helmet and shield could be seen fur out to sea. The statute of Neptune on horseback hurling his tridant; the temple to Ceres and all the gods and goddesses they knew on and to the Unknown God.

Colossial buildin's, beautiful enough for any Monarch, and which no goverment on earth wuz ever rich enough to carry out in permanent form. Wall, as I said, the Adminstration Buildin' wuz the one that hove up directly in front of us. It towers up in the circumambient air with its great gilded dome, and seems to begen to us all to come and pass through it into the marvels beyend.

She wuz riz up above the blame or praise the belittlin', foolish, personal babblin' of contemporary criticism. Her head wuz lifted towards the stars. But to resoom, and continue on. After we reluctantly left off contemplatin' that statute of Woman, we wended along to the buildin' of Manafactures and Liberal Arts, that colossial structure that dwarfs all the other giants of the Exposition.

I wouldn't for the world," sez she, "have Dorothy suspect why Robert has made a martyr of himself, and to no one but you, Josiah Allen's wife," sez she, "shall I ever breathe it." But she felt that she could confide in me, and wanted me to know just how it wuz. So her colossial self esteem carried her through safely, and she wuz as happy as any on 'em.