Sometimes these breast-works were made of skins or wicker-work, and in bad weather were raised to a considerable height above the bulwarks. It is said that Anacharsis, upwards of 500 B.C., if he did not invent, greatly improved the form of anchors, which were already made of iron. The anchor had generally two flukes or teeth, and was then called bidens; but sometimes it had only one.

BEAR'S-BERRY. The leaves boiled in an acid will dye a brown. ASPERULA tinctoria. WOODROOF. The roots give a red similar to madder. ANEMONE Pulsatilla. PASQUE-FLOWER. The corolla, a green tincture. ARUNDO Phragmites. COMMON REED-GRASS. The pamicle, a green. BERBERIS vulgaris. BARBERRIES. The inner bark, a yellow. BROMUS secalinus. BROME-GRASS. The panicle, a green. BIDENS tripartita.

Returning to the whales. The Hyperoodon bidens is destitute of true teeth in an efficient condition, but its palate is roughened, according to Lacepede, with small unequal, hard points of horn.

In many cases they are sterile, having only an imperfect ovary. They are large and brightly colored and are generally designated as ray-florets. And the genus of the marigolds or Bidens is noted for containing both of these types. Here we have opportunity to observe positive and negative varieties of the same character.

The radiate varieties of marigold, quoted in a former lecture, seem to be equally constant, when growing far away from their prototypes. I sowed the seeds of a single plant of the radiate form of Bidens cernua, and found all of the seedlings came true, and in the next year I had from their seed between 2,000 and 3,000 flowering individuals, all equally radiate.

Its flowers are yellow or white, large, wheel-shaped, and are borne vertically with filaments loaded with little tufts of violet wool. The plant has none of the coarse, hairy character of the common mullein. Bidens, two-teeth, or "pitchforks," as the boys call them, are welcomed by the eye when in late summer they make the swamps and wet, waste places yellow with their blossoms.

Organic bodies forming the ooze of the bed of the Atlantic at great depths. Globigerina bulloides. Actinocyclus. Pinnularia. Eunotia bidens. Spicula of sponge. Great light has recently been thrown upon the origin of the unconsolidated white chalk by the deep soundings made in the North Atlantic, previous to laying down, in 1858, the electric telegraph between Ireland and Newfoundland.

The desmodium, the bidens, the agrimony and the cocklebur, which stick to your clothes even as late as February, are only using you as a Moses to lead their children to their promised land.