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The two years following the return of the Armada, Lope continued to live in Valencia, busied with his literary pursuits, but in 1590, after his two years of banishment from Castile had expired, he moved to Toledo and later to Alba de Tormes and entered the service of the Duke of Alba, grandson of the great soldier, in the capacity of secretary.

Removed to Madrid, and engaged in journalism. Killed himself February 13, 1837, in his twenty-eighth year. Works: Essays on manners, critical reviews, several unimportant plays, and a novel, El doncel de D. Enrique el Doliente . Fernán Caballero knew both the Spanish and the German literatures. Died in 1877.

From her first sad notes of "Bramando está el pueblo indómito" to her last despairing cry of "Ya estás vengada" we do not for a minute lose sight of the mortal conflict in her soul between the vengeance which she has sworn her mother and her love for Manrique. The verse form of the drama is worthy of note.

The windows of the houses surrounding these corrales, with the adjoining rooms, formed aposentos which were rented to individuals and which were entered from the houses themselves. At the end farthest from the entrance of the corral was the stage, which was raised above the level of the ground and covered by a roof.

Sometimes they appear as scions of illustrious lineage, as Don Fernando and the father of Elena in la Esclava de su Galán, and again they figure as the object of the poet's contempt, as the wealthy merchant, Don Bela, in la Dorotea.

The Spanish stories in this collection have been arranged, so far as possible, in the order of difficulty; but some instructors will doubtless prefer to read them in chronological order, or, better still, in an order determined by the "school", or literary affiliations, of each author. This latter arrangement is difficult to make, and it must be, at the best, somewhat arbitrary.

In politics he was a conservative and a Carlist, and his writings evince a hostile attitude towards modernism. Pereda was the most reactionary, Pérez Galdós one of the most progressive, of modern Spanish writers; but the two men were the best of friends, which goes to show that neither was narrow.

In the early years of the seventeenth century, when the mines of Mexico and South America were pouring forth their untold millions, these Indianos were especially numerous in the Spanish capital, and Lope de Vega, with his usual acute perception ready to seize upon any theme popular with the public, gave them a prominent place in his works.

Después el teatro español fué menos conocido en Inglaterra, por ser esta nación más extraña cada día á la Península española, y de aquí que la única comedia de esta especie del siglo XVII, que ha llegado á nuestra noticia, sea The king and the miller of Mansfield, de Dodsley, que es una imitación de El villano en su rincón, de Matos Fragoso.

If we make Don Juan the impersonation of Lope's idea of chivalry, we may well interpret el Conde and Doña Ana as representing his appreciation of his more sordid contemporaries; both are actuated by motives of interest and are not scrupulous enough to conceal it. The poet is far too discreet to hold either up to ridicule, yet he makes each suffer a keen rebuff.

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