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I have prepared my composition which I should have put on this evening but the rain prevented me. Some rain in the after part of the day in the evining the hunters returned with three buffalow Skins two goat Skins, four Deer Skins, two deer, & 3 wolve Skins, to be used in Covering the boat Canoes & to make mockersons, one Elk also killed to day Capt.

At the warning of the whip the horde of beasts scattered, and Bram's voice came again. "M'sieu ze revolv' ze knife or I loose ze wolve " The words were scarcely out of his mouth when Philip's revolver flew through the opening and dropped in the snow. "There it is, old man," announced Philip. "And here comes the knife." His sheath-knife followed the revolver. "Shall I throw out my bed?" he asked.

The muzzle of his revolver was at the aperture when he heard Bram's voice. "M'sieu ze revolv' ze knife or I mus' keel yon. Ze wolve plent' hungr' " Bram was standing just outside of his line of vision. He had not spoken loudly or threateningly, but Philip felt in the words a cold and unexcited deadliness of purpose against which he knew that it would be madness for him to fight.

He held the gate open, and Philip entered. He paused to make certain of Bram's intention. The wolf-man swept an arm about the enclosure. "In ze pit I loose ze wolve, m'sieu." Philip understood. The stockade enclosure was Bram's wolf-pit, and Bram meant that he should reach the cabin before he gave the pack the freedom of the corral.

"Why talk?" "I wanted to ask you why it was that you killed a man down in the God's Lake country." The words were out before Philip could stop them. A growl rose in Bram's chest. It was like the growl of a beast. The greenish fire in his eyes grew brighter. "Ze poleece," he said. "KA, ze poleece like kam from Churchill an' ze wolve keel!" Philip's hand was fumbling in his pocket.