The woman was Mogan, daughter of Fergus Mor Mac Nissi, King of Dal-Riada; and Trea, daughter of Cairthend, was the daughter who was in her womb; and it was Patrick who blessed a veil on her head, as he prophesied. The angels, moreover, that brought the veil from heaven, and placed it on her head, down over her eyes; and Patrick began to raise it up.

The design is attributed, with I know not what justice, to Pierre Nepveu, alias Trinqueau, the audacious architect of Chambord. On the death of Bohier the house passed to his son, who, however, was forced, under cruel pressure, to surrender it to the crown, in compensation for a so-called deficit in the accounts of the late superintendent of the trea- sury.

It certainly seemed for a moment But really, you know, there is no one in the Islands " "My dear Charlotte, didn't we see her with our own eyes?" Mrs. Pope sighed. "It seems to me I have seen such a number of things of incredible things to-night." "You are sure it wasn't Mrs. Treacher?" suggested the Commandant, wickedly. "Mrs. Treacher! Mrs. Trea Does Mrs.

* In the long dialogues, we have generally ventured to change the peculiar spelling of our friend Mr. Yellowplush. The little Frenchman was quite in extasis; he found himself all of a suddn at the very top of the trea; and the laff for onst turned against his rivle: he actialy had the ordassaty to propose to my lady in English to take a glass of wine.

These things have been set out in the church of an old monastery, long since suppressed, and the rest of the collection occupies the cloisters. But these things are absent now; the cloister is a litter of confusion, and its trea- sures have been stowed away, confusedly, in sundry inaccessible rooms.

"Why is it not good to leave it as it was placed?" asked Trea. "It is good indeed," answered Patrick. She never saw anything during her life except what she saw through that veil. Patrick had seven Domhnachs in Ui-Tuirtre viz., Domhnach-Fainre, Domhnach-Riascad, Domhnach-Fothirbe, Domhnach-Righduinn, Domhnach-Brain, Domhnach-Maelain, Domhnach-Libuir.