Holtzapffel's elaborately illustrated treatise was written quite as much for amateurs as for working mechanics. Among other noble handicraftsmen we may mention the late Lord Douglas, who cultivated bookbinding. Lord Traquair's fancy was cutlery, and one could not come to him in a more welcome fashion than with a pair of old razors to set up.

"Will you take a lift, Mr. McTavish?" he invited dismally. "Oh, no," said The McTavish, "I won't trouble you, thanks." Traquair's meeserable conscience got the better of him all at once. And with that his cheerfulness returned. "Get in," he said. "You cannot help troubling me, Mr. McTavish. I've a word for you, sir." McTavish, wondering, climbed into the car.

But they are all alarmed 'by Lord Traquair's silly indiscretion in blabbing to Murray of Broughton of their concerns, wherein he could be of no use. They had summoned Balhaldie, and complained of the influence of Kelly, an adviser bequeathed to Charles by his old tutor, Sir Thomas Sheridan, now dead.

In that sequestered place, where scarcely an individual was seen to pass in an hour, the deep thinking of the cogitative senator might trench the soil of the law of prescription, turn up the principle which regulated tailzies under the second part of the act 1617, and bury Traquair's right to Coberston.