To whichever side she may turn, the expanded wings and the obliquely-held tail are turned towards her. The male Tragopan pheasant acts in nearly the same manner, for he raises the feathers of the body, though not the wing itself, on the side which is opposite to the female, and which would otherwise be concealed, so that nearly all the beautifully spotted feathers are exhibited at the same time.

The next day, the 30th of March, after a hasty breakfast, which consisted solely of the roasted tragopan, the engineer wished to climb again to the summit of the volcano, so as more attentively to survey the island upon which he and his companions were imprisoned for life perhaps, should the island be situated at a great distance from any land, or if it was out of the course of vessels which visited the archipelagoes of the Pacific Ocean.

Trachea, convoluted and imbedded in the sternum, in some birds; structure of the, in Rhynchaea. Trades, affecting the form of the skull. Tragelaphus, sexual differences of colour in. Tragelaphus scriptus, dorsal crest of; markings of. Tragopan, swelling of the wattles of the male, during courtship; display of plumage by the male; marking of the sexes of the.

There is no improbability in the plain, though peculiarly spotted plumage of this latter bird having been acquired through sexual selection by the males, and then transmitted to both sexes; for it is not essentially different from the much more beautifully spotted plumage, characteristic of the males alone of the Tragopan pheasants.

Pheasant, Tragopan, display of plumage by the male; marking of the sexes of the. Pheasants, period of acquisition of male characters in the family of the; proportion of sexes in chicks of; length of the tail in. Philters, worn by women. Phoca groenlandica, sexual difference in the coloration of. Phoenicura ruticilla. Phosphorescence of insects. Phryganidae, copulation of distinct species of.

It may perhaps be objected that the comb and wattles are not ornamental, and cannot be of service to the birds in this way; but even to our eyes, the beauty of the glossy black Spanish cock is much enhanced by his white face and crimson comb; and no one who has ever seen the splendid blue wattles of the male Tragopan pheasant distended in courtship can for a moment doubt that beauty is the object gained.