"The usual." "Anybody admire your dress?" "No." "Don't tell me too much, Lilly. I might enjoy hearing it." "But, mamma, won't it keep until to-morrow? I'm sleepy now, dear." "Who brought you home Roy?" "A Mr. Penny." "Who? I thought you said only the old crowd was there. It's like pulling teeth to get a word out of you." "A friend of Vincent's. Works at Slocum-Hines's."

Tears were rare with Lilly, but a tremor waved her voice. "I think you're horrid, Flora Kemble. Anyway, he's more worth while being stuck on than Eugene Bankhead. He's just just middle-class. His future is to work in Slocum-Hines's hardware store, like his father." "Well, that's more of a man's job than sitting around in a schoolroom doing lady's work.

"Mamma, surely that will keep until morning." "Isn't it, Ben?" "Yes, Carrie; but come back to bed." "I knew it! He's one of the coming young men at Slocum-Hines's. Vincent Bankhead swears by him. He throws some fine orders in your papa's way. I knew the name had a ring. Lilly, did he ask to call?" "Mamma, I'm sleepy." "Did he?" "Yes maybe sometime." Then Mrs.

"What?" "I say he's nice enough if you like his kind." "Well, Miss Fastidious, I wish I knew who your kind is." "I wish I did too, mamma." Suddenly Mrs. Becker leaned to the door, her voice lifted. "Ben!" "Oh, mamma, he's asleep!" "Oh, Ben!" "Mamma, how can you?" "Y-yes, Carrie." "Isn't that assistant buyer down at Slocum-Hines's, the one you say has thrown some orders in your way, named Penny?"

Papa says Eugene's father is a five-thousand-a-year man. Eugene has all the spending money he wants and they have a conservatory in their house." "Well, I'd rather be Lindsley than Eugene; besides, he's a kid hardly out of short trousers." "Silly, you don't think it's Eugene I'm stuck on, do you? His brother Vincent is a big man down at Slocum-Hines's, too, and a catch.