There was nothing the matter with Copley's wing, for he nailed Stone fully five feet from the second sack. Roger batted a sizzler to the left of Sanger, who shot out his gloved hand and deflected the ball straight into the waiting fingers of Larkins at first.

As two strikes and no balls had been called, Pratt apparently expected Springer to waste the next one, and in that he made his mistake; for Phil, growing steadier, put over a sizzler on the inside corner. "You're out!" shouted the umpire, and Pratt turned sadly and disgustedly toward the bench.

When it's good growing weather and the average of the crop is ninety-five, you should remember that old Satan may be down in Arizona cooking up a sizzler for the cornbelt; or that off Cuba-ways, where things get excited easy, something special in the line of tornadoes may be ghost-dancing and making ready to come North to bust you into bits, if it catches you too far away from the cyclone cellar.

A toiler, not a flatfish. A sizzler, not a squab. Yes, I am a member. Will you tell Mr Bickersdyke that I am sorry, but I have been elected, and have paid my entrance fee and subscription. 'Thank you, sir. The waiter went downstairs and found Mr Bickersdyke in the lower smoking-room. 'The gentleman says he is, sir. 'H'm, said the bank-manager. 'Coffee and Benedictine, and a cigar.

"Spread out, but keep within sight of the lieutenant, who will be middle man," directed the guide. When they had finally taken up their positions, some three miles separated Grace Harlowe and the guide, with Hippy a mile and a half from each of the two outside riders. The sun was not yet up, and the morning, while not uncomfortable, gave promise of what Hi Lang had said it would be a sizzler.