I afterwards learned that there were not more than eighteen or twenty families settled throughout the whole country from Manacapuru to Quary, a distance of 240 miles; and these, as before observed, do not live on the banks of the main stream, but on the shores of inlets and lakes.

No sooner had the words left her lips than she heard some one knocking at the door. "Who is there?" cried she. "Tell Quary, good housewife," answered a wee, wee voice. "Open the door to me. As long as I have you'll get." She opened the door and there on the threshold stood a queer, little woman, dressed in a green gown and wearing a white cap on her head.

The good housewife was so astonished that she stood and stared at her strange visitor; but without a word the little woman ran past her, and seated herself at the spinning-wheel. The good housewife shut the door, but just then she heard another knock. "Who is there?" said she. "Tell Quary, good housewife. Open the door to me," said another wee, wee voice. "As long as I have you'll get."

Bessie was attracted to the oil-painting on the wall of Abraham Quary, who was the last of the Indian race on the island. Then they examined, in an adjoining room, the curiosities gathered together for public inspection. Here they found the model of the "Camels," and also the jaw of a sperm whale, seventeen feet long, with forty-six teeth and a weight of eight hundred pounds.