No evidence could be obtained of electricity. Ann. der Physik und Chemie. An interesting contribution was made by M. Mercadier in a recent number of the Comptes Rendus de l'Academie Francaise.

Reich reports the universal presence of cold currents of air in these shafts and mines, and, in consequence, takes the opportunity of contradicting a statement in Horner's Physik. Wörterbuch, that the absence of all current of air is essential to the formation of subterranean ice.

The opening is large and faces due south, and yet the hotter the day the more ice is found; whereas in winter a warm steam comes out, as if from a stove. The other cave is farther into the mountain; it is spacious and light, and very cold in summer. In Gehler's Physik. An ice-hole is also spoken of in the same article, which occurs on the east side of the town of Vesoul.

The results were described in a paper 'On the Radiation of Electricity, which, in 1859, he posted to Professor Poggendorff; for insertion in the well-known periodical, the ANNALEN DER PHYSIK. The memoir was declined, to the great disappointment of the sensitive young teacher.

Their share in establishing the great doctrine of conservation must now claim our attention. As to Karl Friedrich Mohr, it may be said that his statement of the doctrine preceded that of any of his fellows, yet that otherwise it was perhaps least important. In 1837 this thoughtful German had grasped the main truth, and given it expression in an article published in the Zeitschrift fur Physik, etc.

It is thus possible to select an indicator for a particular purpose with considerable accuracy. Salm, E., A Study of Indicators, !Z. physik. Chem.!, 57 , 471-501. Stieglitz, J., Theories of Indicators, !J. Am. Chem. Soc.!, 25 , 1112-1127. Chem. Soc.!, 32 , 815-861. Bjerrum, N., General Discussion, !Z. Anal. Chem.!, 66 , 13-28 and 81-95. Ostwald, W., Colloid Chemistry of Indicators, !Z. Chem. Ind.

In 1794 Reusser, a German, made a proposition a little different from the preceding systems, and which is contained in the Magazin fuer das Neueste aus der Physik und Naturgeschichte, published by Henri Voigt. "I am at home," says Reusser, "before my electric machine, and I am dictating to some one on the other side of the street a complete letter that he is writing himself.