No such result is obtained as in the preceding experiment, because the rennet ferment is destroyed by heat. Experiment 72. Half fill three test tubes, A, B, C, with one-per-cent solution of sodium carbonate, and add 5 drops of liquor pancreaticus, or a few grains of Fairchild's extract of pancreas, in each. Boil B, and make C acid with dilute hydrochloric acid.

A suppressed cry from Rae Melzer caused me to recollect the file and brush she had missed. "Just a second," raced on Kennedy. "On this file and brush I found spores of those deadly anaerobes dead, killed by heat and an antiseptic, perhaps a one-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid at blood heat, ninety-eight degrees dead, but nevertheless there.

Above the upper crossing there will be a lot of heavy rock work to do, but nothing unusual, and, once through the gorge, we come out into the valley, where the other roads run in from Cortez. They cross three divides, while we run through on a one-per-cent grade. That will give us a downhill pull on all heavy freight." "Sounds as simple as a pair of suspenders, doesn't it?" inquired Slater.

Direct primaries, caucuses regulated by law, the mode of nomination, nomination papers to be filed in a certain manner, the compulsory service of men as candidates unless they comply with precise formalities of resignation, the joint caucus and the separate caucus, the public nomination paper, the one-per-cent., three-per-cent. or five-per-cent. rule whereby a party gains such official recognition only by throwing such a percentage of votes at some previous election in short, all the mass of legislation of this kind is the matter of the last few years.