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Because Jimmie had to watch the machine, and keep the oil-cups full, his was classed as semi-skilled labour, and was paid nineteen and a half cents an hour.

Jawn grunted, and walked deliberately across the tracks and into the roundhouse, followed by his fireman. Murphy, the hostler, was hovering about the big throbbing locomotive, putting a final polish on the oil-cups and piston-rods. Jawn, without a word, climbed into the cab, and out over the tender, where he lifted the tank lid and peered down at the water. "Never mind that," the agent called.

The dynamo dispenses with all need for batteries, and reduces the work of maintenance to occasionally refilling the oil-cups and noticing if any part has been broken.

Surely there were no live, warm editors at the other end. It was all wheels and cogs and oil-cups a clever mechanism operated by automatons. He reached stages of despair wherein he doubted if editors existed at all.

"As for conditions here on earth, why should a young woman go riding with a man whose hands, arms, and attention are entirely taken up with wheels, levers, and oil-cups?

It was the afternoon of the following day, and the two men had been busy with the care of the machinery in the great hall, polishing up the bright parts and examining with infinite patience the innumerable bearings, their oil-cups and dust-caps.