"I do believe that you have forgotten me," she said, "I am Alice Mountgarron Jane's sister. I saw you there and I couldn't help stopping for a moment. Can I drop you anywhere?" "Thank you so much," he answered. "My rooms are quite close by here in Clarges Street." "Get in, please, and I will take you there," she ordered. "Tell the man the number. I want just one word with you."

"Well, it's turned out for the best," Tallente remarked drily. "Au revoir!" On his way back to the reception rooms, an acquaintance tapped him on the shoulder. "One moment, Tallente. Lady Alice Mountgarron has asked me to present you." Tallente bowed before the woman who stood looking at him pleasantly, but a little curiously. She held out her hand.

"She reminded me of some one for a moment." "She is one of the Duchess of Barminster's daughters," his companion told him. "She married Mountgarron last year. Her sister, Lady Jane, is rather inclined towards your political outlook. She lives in Devonshire and tries to do good." His eyes followed the woman in black and silver until she had passed out of sight.

You know my sister, I think Lady Alice Mountgarron? Aunt, may I present Mr. Tallente the Countess of Somerham. Mrs. Ward Levitte Lady English oh! and Colonel Fosbrook." Tallente made the best of a very disappointing situation.