Chan Tow lie down in load, an' begin kick an' scleam ole semma sick white woman. Missiolary man was vay sympafy, an' tole him, 'Whatta is? Chan Tow say: 'Much vay sick! Much vay sick! You no he'p me home I getta died! You tekka me home I mek good Chrisinjin boy! Missiolary man vay good man; say hisse'f: 'Gaw sen' me dissa man mek convict to Chrisinjanity.

I he'p him! So tek up Chan Tow in his arm to tek home. Chan Tow kep' gloan, gloan, an' ole dissa tem was put his han' in missiolary his pocket an' stea' dissa watch! Nen Chan Tow kep' hang on missiolary his neck an' say hisse'f: 'I lika dissa to ride better I lika to walk.

"You mean business?" "Yeh; binniziz. "Tay ole about his binniziz. Tay how stea' watch from 'Me'ican missiolary man. Tay how " "How did he steal the watch from the American missionary?" "We', somma lika dis: Chan Tow was vay stlong man, but vay litty meat on his boles. One day shee missiolary man come 'long load. Hedda watch-chain hang out.

I letta dissa missiolary man ca'y me jusso far he can. So missiolary man stag' long tem 'long load, an' kep' sweat, sweat semma lika glass ice-wadder; an' Chan Tow kep' gloan semma like ole barn daw." "Chan Tow kept groaning like an old barn door, and the missionary man kept perspiring like a glass of ice-water?" "Oh, no! Missiolary man sweat.

Bye-bye, hedda ca'y dissa highrob two miles 'way down vanney, 'way up heel. Nen missiolary man lose ole his breffs, an' begin to gaps. He say, 'Mus' res'; mus' putta you down! Chan Tow kep' gloan, an' say: 'You putta me down I doan' know I die. Mus' getta home! Missiolary man say: 'Can't he'p I 'mos' exhaus'. Nen dissa highrob jump down vay well, an' say: 'We', I mus' getta home.

I walk ressa way leave you to res'. Goo'-by! Nen run fas' he can down dissa heel. "Missiolary man stay look him run, an' kep' fink ole tem. Nen say hisse'f: 'I fink dissa man inshinsherity. I lose ole dissa tem wif him! Whatta tem it is? Nen he search his watch. 'Oh, my! No watch; no convict! Dissa vay bad day!" The Chinese grins with the greatest pleasure.