Quem casum neque, ut plerique fortium virorum, ambitiose, neque per lamenta rursus ac moerorem muliebriter tulit: et in luctu bellum inter remedia erat. Igitur praemissa classe, quae pluribus locis praedata, magnum et incertum terrorem faceret, expedito exercitu, cui ex Britannis fortissimos et longa pace exploratos addiderat, ad montem Grampium pervenit, quem jam hostis insederat.

Sepulcrum caespes erigit; monumentorum arduum et operosum honorem, ut gravem defunctis, aspernantur. Lamenta ac lacrimas cito, dolorem et tristitiam tarde ponunt. Feminis lugere honestum est; viris meminisse.

There was something almost biblical in his manner. " Harrison! " burst out his wife in amazed lamenta- tion. You are not really going to do it? Not really!" " I am going to do it," he answered. " Well, there! " ejaculated Mrs. Wainwright to the heavens. She was, so to speak, prostrate. " Well, there! As the professor passed out of the door she cried beseechingly but futilely after him.

Military men. Ambitiose, with affected fortitude, stoically. Rursus==contra, on the contrary, showing the antith. between ambitiose and per lamenta. Per lamenta, cf. 6: per caritatem. Igitur, cf. 13, note. Quae faceret==ut ea faceret. Incertum is explained by pluribus locis. Render: general alarm. Expedito==sine impedimentis, armis solis instructo. Fac. and For. Montem Grampium.

"And she don't even let ye have the skins of the dead lambs, I hear?" resumed Joseph Poorgrass, his eyes lingering on the operations of Oak with the neces- sary melancholy. "I don't have them." said Gabriel. "Ye be very badly used, shepherd." hazarded Joseph again, in the hope of getting Oak as an ally in lamenta- tion after all. "I think she's took against ye that I do."