Lacépède, and that they belong to the section in which the Merlan is placed. Whence comes the name of Arguin? who gave it to this gulph? If we consider the heat of the sun which is experienced here, and the sparkling of the sandy downs which compose the coast, we cannot help remarking that Arguia in Phenician means what is luminous and brilliant, and that in Celtic, Guin signifies ardent.

"What do you think the uncles have promised us, Bobbie?" she cried excitedly; "guess the most beautifullest thing you can possibly think of!" "Guin " commenced Bobbie, and checked himself hastily. "Certainly not!" said Jerry, with decision. "I said I must run up and tell you, you'd be so wild with joy; it begins with a 'P' but it isn't 'pig. Now guess again."

"The hammer is very near to falling, gentlemen. The magnificent St. Bernard dog um er The magnificent Irish Wolfhound Tara is going for fifty-four guineas only; for fifty-four guin and one Thank you, sir" this to the ferret-faced dealer "at fifty-five guineas only, this noble animal is going for fif Why, gentlemen, what has come over us this afternoon? Her record alone is worth more than that.