In Bolivia there is a large kind known as the Tarush; and on the pampas of Buenos Ayres and Patagonia is a kind called Guazuti, which associates in large herds, and is remarkable for the powerful odour emitted by the bucks.

Besides, the Prussian was moderately fond of the chase, and to such a man the great pampas region, with its pumas and jaguars, its ostriches, wild horses, and grand guazuti stags, offered an irresistible attraction. There he could not only indulge his natural taste, but luxuriate in them. He, too, had resided nine years in Paraguay, and something more.

The venado of Cubagua belongs to one of those numerous species of small American deer, which zoologists have long confounded under the vague name of Cervus mexicanus. It does not appear to be the same as the hind of the savannahs of Cayenne, or the guazuti of Paraguay, which live also in herds. Its colour is a brownish red on the back, and white under the belly; and it is spotted like the axis.

Though the gaucho rides at the head of the quick marching party, and alongside their leader, it is not to guide them. They know the ground as well, and better than he; for oft and many a time have they quartered that same campo, in pursuit of gama, guazuti, and ostrich. Kaolin directs his march in a straight course for the old tolderia, though not now designing to go so far.

It may be a herd of the great guazuti deer, or the smaller pampas roe, or, perchance, a flock of rheas the South American ostrich stalking along tranquilly or in flight, with their long necks extended far before, and their plumed tails streaming train-like behind them.