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For, to receive and to secure Feeble-mind as a pilgrim to make it impossible for Feeble-mind to entertain a scruple or a suspicion that was not removed beforehand to make it impossible for Feeble-mind to find in all the house and in all its grounds so much as a straw over which he could stumble that was extraordinary attention, kindness, and condescension in Goodwill and all his good-willed house.

And unwillingness to help may be nobler than the virtue that rusheth to do so. THAT however namely, pity is called virtue itself at present by all petty people: they have no reverence for great misfortune, great ugliness, great failure. Beyond all these do I look, as a dog looketh over the backs of thronging flocks of sheep. They are petty, good-wooled, good-willed, grey people.

Be gratified and accept graciously this prayer, O joy-giver, independent one, who art born in the Rita, good-willed one, whose face is turned towards us from all sides, conspicuous one, gay in thy aspect, like a dwelling-place rich in food. Translation by James Darmestetter The study of religion, like the study of poetry, brings us face to face with the fundamental principles of human nature.

The slackness of the work had led the management, in a good-willed attempt to provide as well as possible for the employees, to place several girls from other departments under this sub-foreman.

"Sweetie" was a different sort, meek, obedient, strong and good-willed on an up-grade, cautious and full of reserve on a down, when the headlong flight of the train had to be checked. Twice a week, each time that Amadeo started on a run, his wife always asked him: "Which machine have you got, to-day?" If it was "Sweetie," she had nothing to worry about. "That's all right," she would say.