This hesitation at meeting death was only natural, perhaps, for none but the bravest can leap into the unknown without a moment of farewell. "Drink hearty!" Gray exclaimed, over his shoulder, meanwhile closing tighter his embrace of the terrified youth. Buddy's struggles suddenly ceased, for at last the bottle had been drained; the girl was groping blindly toward the nearest chair. "God'lmighty!

Here the old ex-attorney spat and renewed the tobacco in a black brier, then proceeded to draw the parrallel between dogs and horses and Peter Siner newly returned from Harvard. "God'lmighty has set his limit on dogs, horses, and niggers, Mr. Tomwit. Thus far and no farther. Take a nigger baby at birth; a nigger baby has no fontanelles. It has no window toward heaven.

As he splashed on the water, he amused himself by listening again to old Rose. She was now complaining that some white young'uns had called her "raving Rose." She hoped "God'lmighty would send down two she bears and eat 'em up." Peter was amazed by the old crone's ability to maintain an unending flow of concentrated and aimless virulence.

"I'm going to rub your chest and arms." Slater obeyed, with some reluctance, pausing to inquire, doubtfully: "You ain't stripping me down so you can operate?" "Nonsense!" "I'm feeling pretty good again." "It's well to take these things early. They all look alike at the beginning." "What things?" "Grippe, gumbago, smallpox " "God'lmighty!" exclaimed Slater with a start.