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Meiner Frack!" exclaimed Mr. Ziegler, forgetting his deep knowledge of English. His economic instincts had been swiftly aroused, and they dominated all the other instincts. "Meiner Frack! Vill you vipe it?" His glance was imploring. "Oh! Mrs. Spatt will attend to it," said Audrey with solemnity, and walked out of the room into the hall.

But, tell me, Catherine, ma mignóne this brother of thine, who is so frack, as the fellow called him, bears he the same wonderful likeness to thee as formerly?" "If your Grace means in temper, you know whether I am so frack as the serving-man spoke him."

"Wha suld if I didna? she was brought up in my arms, and a dear lassie. Ye're no muckle like her, Miss Ellen; ye're mair bonny than her; and no a'thegither sae frack; though she was douce and kind too." "I wish," Ellen began, and stopped. "My dear bairn, there is Ane abuve what disposes a' things for us; and he isna weel pleased when His children fash themselves wi' His dispensations.

He entirely ignored Audrey, who had nevertheless been the means of saving his Frack for him. Soon afterwards Audrey, who had put on a hat, went out with Mr. Spatt to look for Musa. Not until shortly before the musical performance had the Spatts succeeded in persuading Musa to "accept their hospitality for the night." This bag had now vanished.

Poor young Werther, in his sky-blue Frack and striped yellow waistcoat, cannot believe that the time will come when he will tune the spinet of some other Charlotte nay, follow in the footsteps of the enlightened minister, his patron; bury himself in protocols and look forward to a diplomatic game of whist rather than to a country dance with meeting hands and eyes.