This she dumped upon the brick platform, turning her back instantly; and a fine, ruffed, feather-tailed collie stepped over the kennel threshold to get his dinner. "Chained!" cried Rose. "And she never spoke to him!" Deb looked over her shoulder, sympathetically concerned. "Is he really? What a shame!

Geoffroy, because of the two large eyes, and without paying attention to the ocelli, named this larva the "feather-tailed binocle." Since then, this larva has been found in the Seine at Point-du-Jour, Bas-Meudon, and between Epone and Mantes. Latreille, in 1832, decided it to be a crustacean, and named it Prosopistoma foliaceum. In September, 1868, the animal was found at Toulouse by Dr.

Small head, small feet, and feather-tailed, but broad in the quarters and deep in the chest, able to carry a twelve-stone man for hours at the stretching, even gallop, that never trembles and never tires; surefooted as a mule, and tender-tempered as a baby. So we mounted the gentle creatures and rode away.

The Tupaias are curious insect-eaters, which closely resemble squirrels, and are almost confined to the Malay islands, as are the small feather-tailed Ptilocerus lowii of Borneo, and the curious long-snouted and naked-tailed Gymnurus rafllesii.

E. Joly in the nearly dry Garonne. Finally, in 1880, Mr. Vayssiere met with it in abundance in the Rhone, near Avignon. The abnormal existence of a six-legged crustacean occupied the attention of naturalists considerably. In 1869, Messrs. N. and E. Joly demonstrated that the famous "feather-tailed binocle" was the larva of an insect.