A more eerie-looking spot than that where they were encamped Hadden had never seen. Behind them lay a tract of land half-swamp and half-bush in which the buffalo were supposed to be hiding. Beyond, in lonely grandeur, rose the mountain of Isandhlwana, while in front was an amphitheatre of the most gloomy forest, ringed round in the distance by sheer-sided hills.

"Where the dickens are we going?" he cried. "This is the most eerie-looking patch of country that I have ever seen in my life." "Leith said that we had to reach the Vermilion Pit before the sun went down," I replied. "I guess it is somewhere at the end of this staircase that we are trying to climb." "Oh, Gee!" cried the boy. "Say, this game has got those two girls scared to death.

Richmond-hill, with its unrivalled views, rises from Sudbrook Park; and that eerie-looking Ham House, the very ideal of the old English manor-house, with its noble avenues which make twilight walks all the summer day, is within a quarter of a mile.

We went up to some of these poor creatures, and ended their long agony; but there were many of them that we were obliged to leave to Nature. We saw no animals larger than a rat, but there were a great many of those eerie-looking land-crabs, that seemed as if almost humanly intelligent as they scampered about over the sand or through the undergrowth, busy about goodness knows what.