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Hartopp's chlorine uncorked him. 'Yes; but why did you tell me delubris was "deluges," you silly ass? said Winton. 'Well, that uncorked him too. Look out, you hoof-handed old owl! Winton had cleared for action as the Form poured out like puppies at play and was scragging Beetle. Stalky from behind collared Winton low. The three fell in confusion.

'Guessing, Beetle, as usual, from the look of delubris that it bore some relation to diluvium or deluge, you imparted the result of your half-baked lucubrations to Winton who seems to have been lost enough to have accepted it. Observing next, your companion's fall, from the presumed security of your undistinguished position in the rear-guard, you took another pot-shot.

'I was going to say Flagito additis damnum, but I think I think I see the process. Beetle, the translation of delubris, please. Beetle raised his head from his shaking arm long enough to answer: 'Ruins, sir. There was an impressive pause while King checked off crimes on his fingers. Then to Beetle the much-enduring man addressed winged words: 'Guessing, said he.

King opened and shut his eyes with great swiftness. 'Signa adfixa delubris, he gasped. 'So delubris is "deluges" is it? Winton, in all our dealings, have I ever suspected you of a jest? 'No, sir, said the rigid and angular Winton, while the Form rocked about him. 'And yet you assert delubris means "deluges."

Whether I am a fit subject for such a jape is, of course, a matter of opinion, but.... Winton, you are normally conscientious. May we assume you looked out delubris? 'No, sir. Winton was privileged to speak that truth dangerous to all who stand before Kings. ''Made a shot at it then? Every line of Winton's body showed he had done nothing of the sort.

Delubris happened to be the one word which Winton had not looked out and had asked Beetle for, when they were settling into their places. He forged ahead with no further trouble. Only when he rendered scilicet as 'forsooth, King erupted. 'Regulus, he said, 'was not a leader-writer for the penny press, nor, for that matter, was Horace.