"Yes, he cou'n't tell anybody where to take him, and a doctor found that letteh on him print' outside with yo' uptown address; and so he put him in a cab an' sen' him yondeh, and sen' word he muz 'ave been sick sinze sev'l hours, an' get him in bed quick don't lose a minute." "And so he's in bed at my house!" I put in approvingly. "Ah, no!

"You wasn't innercent dat time, Quashy." "I di'n't say I was, Sooz'n, but I cou'n't help it. Well, Massa Lawrence, who's too much of a man to remain orkerd long, goes up to Miss Manuela wid a leetle smile, an' holds out his hand. She shakes it quite gently-like, zif dey was on'y noo acquaintances jest interdooced. Ob course I di'n't hear rightly all dey said "

"But what happen arter dat, Sooz'n?" "Nuffin happen. Only poor massa he look bery sad, an' says, says he, `Kurnel, I's come to say farewell. It's time enough to speak ob dat when you comes back. It's bery kind ob you to sabe my darter's life, but an' den he says a heap more, but I cou'n't make it rightly out, I was so mad."

"Is that Solomon?" she says, pretendin' to be a-feard. "Noo, tain't," that says, an' that come fudder inter the room. "Well, is that Zebedee?" says she agin. "Noo, tain't," says the impet. An' then that laughed an' twirled that's tail till yew cou'n't hardly see it. "Take time, woman," that says; "next guess, an' you're mine." An' that stretched out that's black hands at her.