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Formerly the Romans had five symbols for their standards, the eagle, wolf, minotaur, horse, and wild boar, all of which were appropriated to respective divisions of the army. Marius in this Cimbrian war did away with all of them except the eagle. The situation of the Raudii campi can only be inferred from Plutarch. Catulus was only Proconsul. C. Servilius Glaucia was prætor in this year.

I guarantee the authenticity of the following incident, which was related to me by a reliable person: Lucien had in charge of his establishment a friend of his early youth, the same age as himself, and like him born in Corsica, who was named Campi, and enjoyed the most confidential relations in the count's household.

He didn't go home, on leaving her he didn't want to; he walked instead, through his narrow ways and his campi with gothic arches, to a small and comparatively sequestered café where he had already more than once found refreshment and comparative repose, together with solutions that consisted mainly and pleasantly of further indecisions.

The claims of Placentia had been first advanced in 1662, by Pietro Maria Campi, in the ecclesiastical history of that place, who maintained that Columbus was a native of the village of Pradello, in that vicinity.

She displayed a taste for drawing at a very early age, and soon became the best pupil in the school of Antonio Campi.

'Imberbus juvenis, tandem custode remoto, Gaudet equis canibusque, et aprici gramine campi. 'The youth, whose will no froward tutor bounds, Joys in the sunny field, his horse and hounds. FRANCIS. Horace, Ars Poet. 1. 161. Henry VI, act i. sc. 2. See ante, i. 468, and iii. 306.

"I can't tell;" answered Barbican, "but, as a conjecture, I should say that it is probably to the comparatively smaller area of the Moon and the more violent character of her volcanic action that the extremely rugged character of her surface is mainly due." "Why, it's the Campi Phlegraei or the Fire Fields of Naples over again!" cried Ardan suddenly.

A broad expanse of plains, the Campi Catalaunici of the ancients, spreads far and wide around the city of Châlons, in the northeast of France. The long rows of poplars, through which the river Marne winds its way, and a few thinly scattered villages, are almost the only objects that vary the monotonous aspect of the greater part of this region.

The clumsy signature CAM was probably intended for Campi, the real author, and its genuineness is not above suspicion. It is a curious quid pro quo. I have now pointed out six portraits which, in my opinion, should be included in the roll of genuine Giorgiones.

On the day that the 'Moniteur' gave a list of the new French princes, Campi was promenading in the handsome gallery of pictures collected by Lucien, with the latter's young secretary, when the following conversation occurred between them. "You have no doubt read the 'Moniteur' of to-day?" "Yes."