The presence of the larvæ produces very painful and troublesome sores. It has also been suggested that they might reach the subcutaneous tissue by migrating from the alimentary canal as do some of the other bot-flies. A very serious eye disease, Egyptian opthalmia, is known to be spread by the house-flies and others.

Several instances are recorded where the oxwarble has occurred in man, always causing much suffering and sometimes death. One or more species of bot-flies occurring in the tropical parts of America frequently attack man. The early larval stage soon after it has entered the skin is known as the Ver macaque. Later stages as torcel or Berne.

Scaly-leg may be treated by applying a penetrating oil to the feet and lower part of the leg. It is advisable to first remove the scales by scrubbing the part with soap and warm water. Dipping the feet in a mixture of kerosene one part and linseed oil two parts is recommended. This should be repeated as often as necessary. Describe the different bot-flies.

But all it lacks in variety of kinds it more than makes up in number of individuals, especially in the detestable trio of bot-flies, blackflies and mosquitoes. The bot-fly infests the caribou and will probably infest the reindeer. The blackfly and mosquito attack both man and beast in maddening millions. The mosquito is not malarious. But that is the only bad thing he is not.

The mere fact that man has to protect a sanctuary does away with his purely passive attitude. Then, he can be beneficially active by destroying pests and parasites, like bot-flies or mosquitoes, and by finding antidotes for diseases like the epidemic which periodically kills off the rabbits and thus starves many of the carnivora to death.

Fleas belong to the sub-order Pulicidae. The order Hemiptera includes the lice, and the most important families are Pediculidae and Ricinidae. Mites and ticks belong to the order Acarina. The most important parasites belonging to this order are the Sarcoptidae and Ixodidae. OESTRIDAE. The three common bot-flies are the Gastrophilus equi, Hypoderma lineata and OEstrus ovis.