Gideon said, 'I expect so, and they left his prospective visit at that, with Jane chuckling quietly at her private vision of Gideon and Clare in juxtaposition. But Socialist Cecily did not have a good sale after all. It was guillotined, with many of its betters, by the European war, which began while the Anti-Potters were at Swanage, a place replete with Potterism.

Potterism, however, as a subject for investigation, had by this time given place to international diplomacy, that still more intriguing study. The Anti-Potters abused every government concerned, and Gideon said, on August 1st, 'We shall be fools if we don't come in. Juke was still dubious. He was a good Radical, and good Radicals were dubious on this point until the invasion of Belgium.

And, indeed, it was not aimed at him personally, nor at his wife personally, but at the great mass of thought or of incoherent, muddled emotion that passed for thought which the Anti-Potters had agreed, for brevity's sake, to call 'Potterism. Potterism had very certainly not been created by the Potters, and was indeed no better represented by the goods with which they supplied the market than by those of many others; but it was a handy name, and it had taken the public fancy that here you had two Potters linked together, two souls nobly yoked, one supplying Potterism in fictional, the other in newspaper, form.