On the 30th of June, 1868, 169,643 names were borne on the pension rolls, and during the year ending on that day the total amount paid for pensions, including the expenses of disbursement, was $24,010,982, being $5,391,025 greater than that expended for like purposes during the preceding year.

The Dante Alighieri displaced 19,400 tons and had a main battery of twelve 12-inch guns, and a complement of 987 men. Each of the other five had thirteen 12-inch guns and a complement of 1,000 men. The displacement of vessels of the 1914 type was 22,340 tons; that of the 1915 type 23,025 tons.

Again, in a special investigation conducted by the Commissioner of Immigration in the year 1907-1908, out of 288,395 inmates of charitable institutions there were 60,025 who were foreign born, or about 21 per cent, and out of 172,185 inmates of insane hospitals, 50,734, or about 29 per cent, were foreign born.

Monongahela 2,100 4 0 Wood Constellation 1,186 8 0 Wood Jamestown 1,150 0 0 Wood Portsmouth 1,125 12 0 Wood Saratoga 1,025 0 0 Wood St. Mary's. 1,025 0 0 Wood Franklin 5,170 4 1,050 Wood Wabash 4,650 0 950 Wood Vermont 4,150 0 0 Wood Independence 3,270 .6 0 Wood Richmond 2,700 .2 692 Wood

And yet, by examining Washington's accounts, one is able to estimate in a rough way the returns he received from his estate, landed and otherwise. We find that in ten months of 1759 he took in £1,839; from January 1, 1760, to January 10, 1761, about £2,535; in 1772, £3,213; from August 3, 1775, to August 30, 1776, £2,119; in 1786, £2,025; in 1791, about £2,025.

Supposing now a flat plate, BC = 12 in. wide move from DA to CB during 0.025 second, it will be readily seen that a drop of water starting from A will have arrived at C in 0.025 second, having been flowing along the surface BC from B to C without either friction or loss of velocity. This concave surface may represent one bucket of a turbine.

So after a short and spirited bidding I went at 1,025 dollars.

The total capital invested in railway property, to the end of 1902, amounted to $1,025,000,000, and during that year the average net earnings of the entire mileage amounted to 5.10 per cent of that amount. The surplus earnings, after the payment of all fixed charges and guarantees and interest upon bonds amounted to $4,233,080.

The present strength of the Army is 100,000 men 65,000 regulars and 35,000 volunteers. Under the act of March 2, 1899, on the 30th of June next the present volunteer force will be discharged and the Regular Army will be reduced to 2,447 officers and 29,025 enlisted men.

In the last fiscal year there were sold.............. 1,553,071 Located with bounty-land warrants.................... 3,201,314 Located with other certificates...................... 115,682 Making a total of.................................... 4,870,067 In addition there were Reported under swamp-land grants..................... 5,219,188 For internal improvements, railroads, etc............ 3,025,920 Making an aggregate of............................... 13,115,175